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Food, school supplies, and hope for the families of whitesburg, kentucky

It's never been easier to make a big difference for one small town!

together we can Help the least of these and spread hope in the name of jesus

together - make a difference

Matthew 25:40

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Whitesburg, Kentucky?

You want to help those in need — but where do you start?

Whitesburg is a small mountain town in Southeastern Kentucky. Since the closing of its mines and other economic hardships, this Appalachian community has seen some tough times. There are plenty of wonderful families here who just need a little helping hand.

why Whitesburg? why not?

What will my money be used for?

100% of donations go to directly providing children in need with food, Christmas gifts, and school supplies.



One way your money will be used is to buy school meals, drinks and snacks so that no child in Whitesburg  has to go hungry.

School Supplies

Another major need your generous donations will help fill is backpacks, school supplies, and other items to help kids in Whitesburg learn and grow.


Your money pays to help give parents clothes and toys to put under the tree for their own children.

Volunteer Costs

Your money will also help pay for any costs relating to our outreach and volunteers — such as fuel costs, lodging, and things of that nature.

help comes in many forms

The gift of giving can be wrapped in many different ways.
Here are just a few ways you can give to Mission 25:40



No matter the amount, your money will go a long way to help the community of Whitesburg.


It all started with six men wanting to make a difference

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